Maximillian - S/T 1969

According to Popsike this rare slice of heavy psychedilia goes for as much as $200.It's Hendrix inspired psych soul rock sounds are well worth a spin, but not at that price. Happy digging!

Listen to _ Naked Ape

Blue Phantom - Distortions (1972)

This Fuzz/Psych/electro masterpiece is the comercial issue of Impact -Synthezized Sound on Vedette library label / distortions pop on sonimage library label. Henri Tical is credited on the sleeve, and im dying to find some more of his work! This Lp goes for around $125.. so get digging

Listen To - Diodo

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in the meantime chill out to some Dee Edwards.

Purple Image S/T 1970

Ex members of The Tradewinds Vincent Poncia and Pete Anders came together to form the Map City label, and this 1970 Fuzz/wah wah classic is one of it's highligts.Unfortunatly Purple Image only managed this one release .... which is a shame as i really love the psych funk stylings and excellent artwork. Buy the re press here or get digging for the og here

Listen To - Living In The Ghetto

Harumi S/T

This is one of the best Psych records ive heard in a long long time. Released in 1968 it features a great mix of east and west in terms of instrumentation ,arrangment and lyrics. After one spin its pretty clear that this guy did far too many drugs and was paying the price for it at the time of recording. apparently this Lp was produced by Tom Wilson of Velvet Underground and Dylan fame.

Listen to - Caravan