Bernard Fevre - Cosmos 2043

My first ever post was Bernard Fevre's Suspense. it seemed to go down pretty well with you guys. So heres another electronic masterpiece from the great man. This ones though is courtesy of Paul at the soon to be legendary Vintage Library Emporium. make sure to stop by and thank him. Iueke have a copy for sale at their online store

Listen to - Central Way


To be honest this Argentinan Psych LP isn't really my cup of tea. But after a bit of research i realised its stupid rare and sells for around $400. You can buy it at the french attack online store or if times are hard just get digging in those crates

Listen To - Recala Sabido Forastero

mystic minds - mind over matter (1975)

These guys were a trio from California (apparently they Korean War veterans) and a s far as i know this private press LP is their only release. This album had some pretty strange moments lyrically. These are only surpassed by their use of a home made instrument called a Brass Orchestra Cabinet .. It’s like a homemade pipe organ made of trumpets and other horns....

Listen to - Funy Buisness Games

Roger & The Human Body (1976)

Apparently this one is pretty rare. it's one of a 300 press on the Troutman brothers private label. god knows what i was doing a the Notting Hill Gate record exchange. For those that dont know the employees their pride themselves on the record knowledge. Yet this was in the bin with the Jackson 5 and the Sylvers. Anyway it a pretty funk LP and well worth looking out for... but you may need to re-morgage the house

LIsten to - Freedom (Parts 1 & 2)

Miguel de Deuse - Black Soul Brother

In my never ending quest for the perfect sample i came across this LP by Brazilian afro funk artist Miguel de Deus. No real killer breaks to flip but its a pretty entertaining album.I picked my copy up for £4 ($8) at one of my local Charity shops only to discover on popsike that its worth a small fortune.... now i feel guilty because that money should have gone to the homeless. Never the less this album is well worth seeking out.. so get digging

Listen to - Black Soul Brothers


I found this nice slice of library from the MPS label in cyberspace earlier last year. cant actually remember where. Apparently the composer Rino De Filippi was quite a successful jazz artist.. unfortunately thats all the information i have. i just have to keep digging!

Listen to - Iconoteca

Rogier van Otterloo - On the move (1976)

I have to thank the excellent Baby Grandpa for this Rogier van Otterloo LP.after hearing it i had to track down a copy for my sampler. Plenty of nice keys and crisp bass with touches of big band grandeur ... it kinda reminded me of the work of Bob James. Find the OG wax on E Bay or if your a purist like me get digging in those crates

listen to - Alone At Last