Walt Rockman - Underwater Vol 1

A beautiful piece of library from the fantastic Sonoton catalog. Walt Rockman Blesses us with some moody abstract electronic vibes. I dont actually own this Lp as it rarely turns up at a reasonable price ,but i will keep hunting as it has some very sample-able moments .Theres also an equally excellent Vol 2 out there so get digging!

Listen To - Dangerous Deep Sea


Moody - The Gentle Rain

Hawkshaw on piano... Bennett on drums.... Ingham on moog and flute duty... Enough said! Check the going rate Here make friends with library legend Alan Hawkshw here and buy a copy HERE !!!

Listen To - While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Space - Deliverance

Another Post from my old blog incase you didn't catch it first time round. See what happened when Jake One chopped the title track Here Read about the band here and buy an Og copy of this LP here

Listen Too - deliverance


New post on the way

Until then make sure to check the 50+ posts that are here already.

The Village Soul Choir - The Cat Walk

I bought this 45 a few years back for $50 which is possibly the most i have ever spent on a record in my life. The minute i heard the A side "The Cat walk" i knew i could flip it into a hip hop banger in minutes. so after rushing home and spending the afternoon on the MPC i discoverd that i had been beaten to the punch by Soul Postition and their track keep it hot for daddy. Oh well it's a great track anyway.. especially if you play it at +6.

Get digging for a copy here and have a quick laugh at how hideously overcharged i was! Big thanks to Dr Okeh for reminding me i had it.

Listen Too - The Cat Walk


Betty Everett - There'll Come a Time

This nice solid soul Lp from Betty Everett arrived in my inbox over the weekend. It's not one that i would describe as RAER , just not that well known..... but you know what , i like it! Read about Betty here ,check out the going rate on her releases here and buy an OG copy here

Listen To - You're Falling In Love.