The Purist - No Fat Chicks

You like dope soul music? of course you do, thats why your here. So download the pod-cast of a limited 250 press, Japan only CD mix i have done. featuring the likes of Barbara Acklin, Vicky Anderson, Mary Love and Ruby Andrews.

Listen To / Download - No Fat Chicks

Moods - S/T

Let me start by saying i dont actually own this LP. But if i ever see it in the willd i will break the bank to get it. St louis soul outfit "Moods" do some great work on this 1978 self pressed album, the production is quality throughout !. Check the going rate here and search out a copy here

Listen To - Grooving When We Meet

Chain Reaction - Indebted To You

New York group Chain Reaction's rare 1977 LP which was never actually released in the U.S.A!! Check the going rate here get digging for a copy here.

Listen To - Miss Lovely Miss Beautiful

Spice - Let There be Spice

This record is stupid rare... so rare infact people wil pay as much as this or this for it! ...........some people are crazy

Listen To - Do It Nice

Joel Fajerman - La Adventura De Las Plantas

Joël Fajerman 1979 soundtrack to the tv series "The Adventure of Plants". Its a perfect example of the phrase... don't judge a record by it's cover!

listen to - Incarnation