Conrad Benjamin - Saturn

I thought i should celebrate 100,000 unique visitors with something out of my "Stupid rare" pile. This Privately pressed LP by Canadian Conrad Benjamin is true rarity and is highly saught after by dj's and collectors alike. its so rare infact that one guy paid over $500 for a heavily warped copy. crazy. With classy production and some beautiful instrumentation it remains one of my favorite pieces of Modern soul.

check the going rate here, pick up a copy here and check out my second favorite canadian export here

Listen To - I Didn't Love You

Morice Benin - Apoclypse ...

After a few emails complaining about my lack of library and prog posts i thought i would switch it up a little. So here we have one of my favorite LP's by frenchman Morice Benin.Im pretty sure this albums is unknown outside of france, which is a shame as it has some great moments . Most notably the title track which wouldn't surprise me if turned up on the next Dusty Fingers compilation

Make friends with Morice here, Hunt (in vain) for this LP here and as its in french, check out a great translation service here

Listen To - Apocalypse