Messengers Incorporated - Soulful Proclamation

Heres another gem from the seemingly bottomless crates of the mighty Paros. This time from an oklahoma based outfit dishing out funky covers of "Eleanor Rigby" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

check the going rate of an OG copy here, pick up an OG here and buy the rare but more reasonably priced Jap reissue here.

Listen To - If I'da Club

King James Version - First Time We Met

I haven't actually got a copy of this bad boy and chances are I never will. frankly I can think of much better things to spend $600 on. But King James Version's 1974 slice of gospel soul is a real treat.its got it all.. dope strings, a splash of wah wah and some beautiful harmonies Believe me ,if you ever find this in a dollar bin you might start singing the gospel too!

Check the going rate here, see if you can buy a copy here and check out what happened when the Buddha Brand threw "I'll Still Love You" in the MPC here.

Listen to - I'll Still Love You